Burleigh X Barneby Gates LAUNCH

We are DELIGHTED to introduce our new wallpaper collaboration with a brand we have both loved (and collected) for SO long! This Autumn sees the launch of BURLEIGH X BARNEBY GATES, bringing together two British brands in a union that celebrates timeless craftsmanship and innovation

Made in Britain

Since 1851, and now the last of its kind, renowned Stoke pottery Burleigh still practice the time-honoured art of tissue transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers to achieve their signature finish on each ceramic piece. There are only 12 craftspeople in the world who have this skill, and they are all part of the Burleigh team.

Ware to Wall

When Burleigh approached us to collaborate on a wallpaper collection, we felt confident we could transpose their iconic designs, but the results have far exceeded our aspirations. We needed a process that could achieve the same fine level of detail as Burleigh’s tissue transfer technique, which Gravure Printing provided. Using a large steel cylinder with copper-chrome coating etched with diamond tips, the gravure technique – where the pattern is engraved into the roller – allows for an intricate, tonal result using a single cylinder.

Together we have created two wallpapers, ASIATIC PHEASANT and CALICO, both reinterpretations of the original Burleigh designs of the same name.

Asiatic Pheasant

Burleigh launched their blue Asiatic Pheasants collection in 1862 and it remains one of their most iconic and versatile patterns. We have reworked this classic design, featuring elegant birds and beautiful florals, into a handsome stripe, traditionally printed using Gravure rollers to achieve the same fine level of detail as the original delicate motif. Available in two colours – a soft China Blue (above) to mimic the hand-made pottery, or a more contemporary Navy (below).


Calico was added to the Burleigh pattern book in 1968 and has remained a firm favourite ever since – no English kitchen dresser is complete without some Calico ware! Inspired by a 19th century indigo fabric, the scrolling blossom design leant itself perfectly to this latest incarnation as a wallpaper print. Available in Navy (below) – our toned-down version of the original rich cobalt blues of the pottery, or in Burnt Rose (above) – a colour that sits beautifully with a wide spectrum of pinks and deep reds.

~ available on the website now ~

Please don’t hesitate to EMAIL US with any queries, or order your FREE SAMPLES via the Barneby Gates website www.barnebygates.com.

We hope you really love the collection!

Love, Vanessa & Alice x